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Red Fox

Rescued from a fur farm during the Summer of 2018, Cooper the Fox has come to us with a crippling distrust of humans (rightfully so)! However, with lots of love, patience, and training, we are confident he is going to make an excellent addition to our animal ambassador program here at the Biophilia Center. 


Northern Bobcat

Cheyenne came to the Biophilia Center from Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge in December of 2015. She was kept in a concrete, backyard zoo for all of her life before she found her forever home at the Biophilia Center. She is still a little apprehensive towards humans, but she is loving her new enclosure here at the Biophilia Center. 


Southern Bobcat

Have you ever seen a sweeter smile? We were fortunate enough to get Zeda in December of 2015 from the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge as well. Zeda had a somewhat abnormal upbringing- She was raised in a residential home, but was gotten rid of when she was unable to be litter box trained. She is currently loving her life here at the Biophilia Center with her "adopted sister," Cheyenne.