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Please consider virtually adopting one of our Animal Ambassadors.  Your tax-deductible donation will help to provide nourishing food and care for these beautiful animals.  The Adopt an Animal program is the perfect gift for a child or for someone who would like to learn more about one of our Ambassador Animals while providing much needed financial support.  Become a hero today and adopt an animal!


Northern Bobcat

Here Kitty, Kitty! Cheyenne is a Northern Bobcat. She is 12 years old. She came to live with us from another refuge in Northern Florida. Cheyenne loves, and we mean LOVES, the smell of cologne or perfume on objects around her enclosure, rubbing herself leisurely all over it. She spends her days sleeping away on her top perch, of course, when she is not showing off her northern traits for students during mammal classes.

Please consider adopting Cheyenne the Bobcat!


Great Horned Owl

Remington is a Great Horned Owl who was donated to us from a refuge. His cool feathers on the top of his head look like two horns. Remi is a special owl that likes to look you straight in the eye when you talk to him. He loves to hunt and look for insects - one of his favorite things to eat! He also likes to eat mice and the occasional rat. He is quite a wise owl. Remi is a bit of a showoff when it comes to our students. Have you ever seen an owl fly?

Whoooo would like to adopt Remington?

dopt Remington?!


Red Fox

Cooper was rescued from a farm during the summer of 2018. Cooper, the Red Fox, has long guard hairs and soft underlying fur. He is a little shy but loves his trainer.  Cooper loves to play and hide.  He loves to eat fruits, vegetables, and an occasional mouse or two.

Please consider adopting Cooper the

Red Fox!

Olaha resize.jpg

Bald Eagle

Olaha had a bit of a rough beginning, falling out of her nest at age 10 weeks. She sustained permanent injury and is unable to fly, and, as such, cannot be returned to the wild. She feeds on a variety of whole prey including rats, mice, and rabbits. Her favorite pastime is catching fish out of her water bowl. The Biophilia Center is proud to have Olaha as an Animal Ambassador. The Bald Eagle is the United States National Bird, our country's symbol of courage and freedom. Her regal presence is breathtaking to see.

IMG_8882 (1).jpg

Eastern Gray Squirrel

We are going nuts over this adorable little one! Since you can't fix a squirrels' teeth with braces, Gus is living his best life here at the Biophilia Center with all the snacks and attention he could ever need. After a healthy lunch of fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts these high energy friends climb and race up and down their play areas. In the wild they are able to conquer falls of up to a 100 feet by using their bushy tail as a parachute! Now they just have students falling for them.

Won't you please adopt our sweet Gus?


Gopher Tortoise

Lacey Louise was found as a neonate "newly hatched" baby and was kept as a pet for 10 years. Her owners were not able to keep her and wanted her to go to a place where she would be cared for. The Biophilia Center is now her home. She loves to work with her trainer Turtle Bob. Lacey loves to take walks in the grass and nosh on fruit salad and collard greens.  Lacey Louise is incredibly happy in her role as our Gopher Tortoise Ambassador.

Please consider adopting Lacey Louise!

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