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“Without this Center our students would not have had these chances to open their minds and spirits to nature in the most up close and spectacular ways. Just listening to their conversations sparked by these opportunities I can tell you that lives are changed. Our students are passionate about the world in which they live and for which they will, one day, be responsible. It has been a priceless time for them and one that will have far-reaching benefits for many.”


- Anna Hull, Patronis Elementary Fourth Grade Teacher

“I have just returned from a field trip with my daughter’s class. I was unaware of the scope of your center, and frankly, I was blown away by the entire experience. As a child, I was exposed to scores of programs, including Natures Classroom. Just that one experience at Natures Classroom as a 5th grader ignited a lifelong passion for the wilderness as well as a passion to preserve it. In closing, during the Tortoise relocation movie I CRIED! Finally, an educational facility, with passionate & educated staff. I am so thankful to you for taking this leap and building the Wilson Masterpiece. I know that our area children are now privileged in having the the opportunity for the Wilson Center and all of your amazing programs, IGNITE that spark that was sparked in me as a child.”


- Colleen E. Hinely, Bluewater Bay Fourth Grade Parent

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